Amanda O. Latz, Ed.D.

My name is Dr. Amanda O. Latz, and I am an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Community College Leadership at Ball State University. At Ball State, I am also Director of the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education master’s program and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Community College Leadership. I began my career at Ball State University in the fall of 2011 and earned tenure and promotion to Associate Professor as of the fall of 2016.

Learner, Teacher, Writer, Researcher, Scholar, Dreamer, Doer.

On Research. My research passion lies within the community college sector. In particular, I am interested in the lived experiences of community college students and faculty. I believe gathering, curating, and sharing these experiences can lead to more authentic and empathic understandings, which hold promise for shaping more effective, humane, and student-centered pedagogies, policies, and practices. One approach I have found profoundly effective in this work is the photovoice methodology. As such, another area of my research is focused on the promise and advancement of visual methodologies and methods in higher education. See my Google Scholar page for a list of my published work.

On Teaching. My pedagogical practice and teaching philosophy are in a constant state of motion. As I have new experiences, read new literature, and reassess, I adjust my praxis. My teaching is informed by critical pedagogies, liberationist approaches, Black feminism, and epistemologies of love. I am attentive to the affective and the cognitive dimensions of learning.

On Consulting. Please see below for more information on my consulting practice.

Workshops, Presentations, Keynotes

I have a lot of experience giving workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses. These opportunities can take place in person or via Zoom.

Workshops are available on the photovoice methodology and leveraging visuals in personal and professional development.

I offer presentations and keynote addresses related to my research. See my Google Scholar page to review my work.

My latest research project is focused on community college student mental health, with a book manuscript forthcoming from Rowman & Littlefield’s Futures Series on Community Colleges. The book is now available for pre-order.


Let’s connect! If you are interested in working with me, please send me an email at Thank you!