Well, I’m back.

I bought four doughnuts from Voodoo, and over the course of about 18 hours, I managed to eat three and a half of them–for dinner, dessert, and breakfast. Ouch. It was worth it, but still, ouch. Also, ew. After an evening of doughnuts, napping, thinking about packing, and actually packing on Monday, August 3, I hit the hay. The next morning, I had coffee, ate all but half a doughnut, sat on the back porch, wrote, packed comprehensively, and drove off to the car rental return place and then took the shuttle to the terminal.

As should have been expected, there were flight delays. But that was okay with me, as I became carried away with The Learners by Chip Kidd. There’s something about his style I love. Haven’t finished it yet–want to savor it. In between reading, I made a massive “to-do” list for the next two weeks, things to complete or attend to before the fall semester is upon us. Is it really that time again?!?! I suppose it is.

The last item on my “to-do” list is “Plan more adventures.” This trip was amazing, and I am beyond happy to have taken it. It was fun, relaxing and tiring, strange, communal and independent, beautiful, and completely enjoyable. Therefore, I intend to “Plan more adventures.” In fact, this may become a weird, pedagogical tradition. I’ll keep you posted.

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